Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little Big Crimes Review Publish or Perish by Kevin Z. Garvey

Little Big Crimes: Publish or Perish, by Kevin Z. Garvey: "Publish or Perish," by Kevin Z. Garvey, in Mystery Weekly Magazine, July 2017. Every twist ending is a surprise. Not every s...

SMFS Member News: Diana Deverell

"Shut Your Eyes and You'll be Fine" by Diana Deverell is in Mystery Weekly's August issue http://mysteryweekly.com/issues/shutyoureyes.asp

Like the story's protagonist, Diana spent 18 months in war-torn San Salvador. She's tried many times to turn that experience into fiction, but no sale. The MW editor's acceptance of this brand-new effort suggests that 35 years might be enough distance.

Diana tells more to thriller writer Rick Reed in an interview published in the August issue of The Big Thrill http://www.thebigthrill.org/2017/07/open- the-door-by-diana-deverell/